Ensure security while leveraging your current tech investments.


Solvent Cyber Security  provides full world wide managed detection and response services adapted to any budget. Get unified corporate security to detect and respond to advanced threat patterns. Solvent Cyber Security integrates with your existing technology and relieves your operational overhead, allowing you to maximize your resources while expanding your security coverage.


We proactively get ahead of adversaries’ next move and accelerate threat hunting, investigation and analysis. Unique Web Recon technology with the human analyst eye achieves further to provide in-depth and actionable threat intelligence to profile current and future threats. You can get essential insights into the activities of state-sponsored APT groups to keep up-to-date on new and emerging tools used to carry out their global operations.

Dark web coverage and API-ready
Powered by big data, achieve fast and accurate results from the darkest parts of the entire web including blackmarkets, darknet and TOR network.Start consuming threat intelligence feeds through API to efficiently mitigate latest campaigns of malspam, phishing or DDoS threats identified by leveraging millions of data points in the wild.

Timely, enriched IOCs and Suspicious file analysis
Get rapid, relevant and enriched IOCs and IOAs in the form of IP, domain, cryptographic checksum value(hash) that will allow your team to combat, respond and mitigate identified threats.Take your threat intelligence capabilities to the next level by the analysis of suspicious and potentially-malicious files to improve future prevention strategies.


We simulate real-life attacks to ensure applications, networks, and systems stand up to creative and complex attacks used by hackers to compromise systems for corporates. We also Identify and report vulnerabilities in applications, networks, and systems so you can understand the security threats to your environment and react appropriately.

Solvent CyberSecurity reduces the uncertainty around your cyber risk with a high quality platform that does the work for you.Solvent CyberSecurity also can measure the cost associated with a potential third-party cyber breach, so you can know the risk every organization in your ecosystem poses in dollars and cents.


We will train your staff to introduce best technologies and techniques to prevent cyber attacks. This service is intended for any corporate that wants to gain a basic understanding of Cybersecurity to acquire the skills for your staff to work in the Cybersecurity field.