About Us

We're on a mission to help organizations and individuals be ahead of cyber attacks. For the past two decades, cybersecurity has been escalating in cost and complexity. Security budgets have risen dramatically. Cybersecurity professionals are in short supply and firms continue to be breached.

Most organizations lack the necessary tools, time, and resources to adequately protect themselves against cyberattacks. According to a Ponemon analysis from 2020, the average time it takes to notice a data breach is 280 days. During their stay in your system, attackers may distribute malware, steal intellectual property, and access employee and customer personal and financial information. Recovering losses can cost a company millions of dollars. However, with the correct technology and monitoring in place, the time it takes to notice an attack may be considerably shortened, thereby saving an organization's data, reputation and revenue.

We have a solution for you to relieve your stress. We are your 24-hour MDR service, providing ongoing monitoring and expert advice.

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